There are hundreds of thousands hectares of Iranian pistachio plantation in Kerman province. Great soil, sustainable sunshine, and matchless atmosphere in Iran, provides the condition for production of the best pistachios in the world. The kernel ratio of Iranian pistachio is higher than every other type in the world. The Iranian pistachio kernel is more delightful than other kinds of pistachios in the world and has a high quality due to the ideal climate of Iran.

This delicious product is very famous around the world and has its market in most countries. To have the maximum product, the relative humidity in Summer should be less than 35%. Other pistachio-growing provinces are Khorasan, Fars, Yazd, Semnan, Sistan and Baluchestan, Qazvin, Central Isfahan and Qom, which have more than ninety thousand hectares of cultivated areas.

The peeled kernel is perceived as the most excellent and expensive among all types of pistachios.  In Iran, this output is achieved by harvesting pistachios before they are fully ripe so that the green color of the kernel has not become yellowish. These pistachios are dried in the sun and shelled. The nuts are soaked in boiling water before the softened grain coat is mechanically extracted.

Pistachios are famous for their excellent flavor and fun easy-to-crack shells. These remarkable pistachios are dry roasted in the shell, with salt, and do not include any dyes. On average, 5% of Iranian Pistachios are closed shell pistachios which are exported from Iran each year.

Pistachio oil is high in Vitamin E. It is used as a table oil to add flavor to foods such as steamed vegetables. Pistachio oil is also used in skin care products.