1 cup of Pistachios

4 Cups Filtered Water 


1-Soak your Dry Pistachios for six hours, or overnight. Optionally, you can then peel the pistachios for brighter green pistachio milk, or if you are in Hurry, you can Soak Dry Pistachios in Boiling water for 3-5 minutes – however, this isn’t necessary.

2-Add the soaked pistachios into a processor/blender and blend on high. You want to blend the nuts down into small pieces, without blending too much to become pistachio butter.

3-When the nuts are ready, then add the water and blend again for about 2 minutes.

4- Put the liquid in a bottle, you can keep it for 3-4 days. Whenever you want to drink some, give the bottle a good shake, and you’re ready to go.


If you wanted to peel your pistachios, you can dry out the skins and add them to porridge/smoothies for additional dietary fiber. 

Optional Homemade Pistachio Milk Add-Ins:

• For a natural sweetener, dates are wonderful you can add them in blender in 3rd Step.

• Add Vanilla extract to your pistachio milk for that dessert element. 

• You could combine this DIY pistachio milk with other middle-eastern dessert flavors including rose water, orange blossom water, cardamom, etc. 

• This homemade pistachio milk makes a wonderful base for Matcha recipes.