Processing of Pistachio

After harvesting Pistachio, it looks like a fruit with a soft skin. Its ready to eat; But impossible to keep Pistachios in this condition for a long time; So we have Pistachio processing before spoilage.

Processing Pistachio Step by Step

At the first step of processing Pistachio, we remove the soft skin. This is very important to know; that removing the soft skin should not damage Pistachios. After skin removed, machine washes the Pistachios.

Sorting the Pistachio

After removal of soft skin and Pistachios get washed; its sorting time. It depends on the quality of the Pistachio. There are some pistachios which have very small kernels. It means their kernel weight is less than 25% of the whole weight. At this step sorting machine separates this Pistachios from other.

Drying the Pistachio

After soft skin removed and Pistachios separated; Therefore its time to dry Pistachios. At this step, first of all, we use heaters for drying a part of humidity. At the last step we put the Pistachios under sun light for about 24 hours. It decreases Pistachio’s humidity to 5%.

Separating Close Pistachio

After drying Pistachio under sun light, its time to separate close Pistachios from open Pistachios. Rate of close Pistachios is different for each load and farm; but it can be from 10 to more than 30%; because standard rate of close Pistachio is 5%. So we have to separate close Pistachio from open Pistachios; Thereupon, Pistachios meets the standards.  

Aflatoxin Separation 

Aflatoxins are various poisonous carcinogens and mutagens. They are produced by certain molds, particularly Aspergillus species. The most usual Aflatoxin types which usually infect the Pistachios are B1 and B2 types. But in our factory we use high technology machines that can remove the Aflatoxine infected Pistachios.

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