Pistachio Farming in Iran

In this article we shortly studied pistachio in farming perspective. Pistachio is a tree that mostly has long life time that can reach to 300 years. Pistachio planting can happen in several ways such as: Sowing Seeds, Grafting, Plant Cutting and other ways.

Process of Pistachio Planting

The most common way for planting Pistachio is grafting and plant cutting chosen by plant situation, soil situation, environmental situation, and other parameters. In these methods, there should be a tree base and main plant graft on that base. This will take 7 to 10 years for Pistachio to bear.
In early April, based on environmental conditions, the plant comes out of dormancy phase and starts to flower. In this phase, Spring rain would be a problem for blossom that is transferring to fruit due to moisture increase that may leads to prepare the environment to grow plant fungus.

Also, early cold weather, can freeze and damage the plant; cold-climate stops process of plant growth. A freezing night in April may cause a sever plant destruction in the farm.
There are several ways to take care of Pistachio plant to avoid freezing in the process of growth.
In caring phase before harvesting, the farmer has to watch out plants by suitable irrigation, proper pruning and applying the best fertilizer to obtain the best final product.
Pistachio develops in Summer and ripen in August and September and it can take until February.
In harvesting season farmer can decide to pick Pistachios, either ripe or unripe.

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