Fresh Pistachio export

WCT statistics show that Islamic Republic of Iran and USA exported about 283,000 Metric Tons of Pistachios in 2020. This means exporting Pistachio is an important part of the Pistachio industry; because a few percentage of the produced Pistachio is usually become used at domestic market; but most of it should be exported abroad. There are many important factors about exporting Pistachio, including: Export worthy packing, source and destination of the products and modes of transportation.

Export worthy packing

According to the order, the packing of Pistachio can be bulk or in retail packs; but at the end all of this pickings most become packed with proper standards for exporting. For our bulk orders, we usually use 25 or 50 Kg bulk jumbo bags and for retail pickings no matter big or small; all the packages will become packed in a main carton. The cartons can be 10 or 12 Kg according the customer’s order. At the final step, the packs will become palletized and strapped and ready for export.

Means of transportation

Depending on the requested receiving point which has been specified by customer, and also the volume of the order, the mode of transportation can be: Cargo ship, Truck, Cargo train or Air Plane.

Also its better to know that, like many other types of products the most using transportation mode for exporting Pistachio is Cargo ship.

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