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About Mazafati Dates

Mazafati date, this delicious fruit ...

Mazafati date is a fruit of the palm tree that its scientific name is Phoenix dactylifera cv. Mazafati and belong to Palmaceae family.

This type of date is one of the most delicious and pleasant varities of date in the world.

The taste of this date is pleasant for most people and they enjoy eating that


This type of date is categorized  as a soft or wet date and a popular type in domestic and export markets.

The production rate per each tree of Mazafati date is relatively high.

If the palm tree is well maintained, it is possible to harvest up to 300 kg of product from each tree.

Mazafati date fruit growth stages

The fruit of this cultivar can be consumed in two phases, Rutab and Date, which Mazafati rutab is mostly used in Iran, but its date fruit is more preferred for export.

The growth and development of date palm involves five stages until it fully ripes. In the fourth stage, this fruit is called Rutab.

In this stage, the moisture content of the product is high and its sugar is low.

The Date stage is the last stage of date fruit ripening which the date loses a lot of its moisture and the ratio of sugar to water in the fruit increases.

In this case, the texture of the fruit is firmer and easier to maintain (Compared with Rutab).

How is Mazafati dates look like?

Appearance characteristics of Mazafati dates

Mazafati date has an oval shape with a smooth and fleshy texture. The skin of Mazafati date is black, shiny, smooth and thin.


This attractive, black, shiny skin of Mazafati dates...

One of the most important factors in determining the quality of date is its black color and thin skin that sticks to flesh.

Most people recognize Mazafati date by its attractive black color But the color of this date is not black from the beginning.

The color of Mazafati during it’s ripening, is red at first and gradually turns into light brown and then dark brown.

Finally, it tends to a very dark purple and black color.


Different sizes of Mazafati dates ...

Unlike other dates such as Kabkab, Khasowi( Khasoei) and Piarom, the pit of this kind of date can be easily removed from its flesh.

Depending on planting area and harvest time, Mazafati date moisture rate is between 15% and 35% and its size is generally between 2.5 and 4.5 centimeters.

How are the grades of Mazafati dates?

Mazafati dates sorting system

Based on the amount of moisture, this date is Classified into two main grades A and B:

Grade A dates (A and A+) are placed in retail packages of 450 g to 600 g, and there are 12 of these retail boxes in a main carton (each retail packages contain 48 dates).

The weight of the main cartons varies between 6.8 and 8 Kg, which is a criteria for measuring the quality of grade A.


Grade A


The weight of main carton of Grade A+ is between 7.2 and 7.8 Kg and grade A dates weigh between 6.8 and 7.2.

Their moisture is more than 24%. Mazafati date have high moisture, and for this reason, they are classified as wet dates, and a refrigerated container is needed for transportation.

Grade B


B+ Grade is a date with humidity similar to grade A and its size is slightly smaller.

Grade B dates have a lower humidity than grade B+ (less than 24%) and are considered as semi-dried dates.

How is the price of Mazafati dates determined?

Determining factors of Mazafati date price

the costs of maintenance ...

Many factors influence on determining the price of dates that one of those is last year’s price of dates production volume.

Every year, the costs of maintenance and production of dates makes changes on the price of the previous year and determines the price of the current year.

the production volume ...

Also, one of the most important factors in specifying the price of dates is the production volume  in the year.

This production volume rate, depends on weather, Soil condition and many other factors, but the important thing in determining the price of dates is the ratio of demand to supply.


Beside that, the pricing policy of producers and exporters, finally, determine the price of Mazafati dates.

What is the nutritional value of Mazafati dates?

Properties and nutritional value of Mazafati dates

Mazafati date is a nutrient food that has many utilities.

In general, dates can be considered as one of the most important food units in the food pyramid.

According to the advice of nutritionists and doctors, dates are the best substitute for sugar because the amount of energy per hundred g of date and sugar are about 125 and 400 kcal, respectively.


Among the properties of dates, the following can be mentioned:

  • Due to the presence of some minerals and phytochemicals, it plays an important role in controlling the progression of cancer and also cardiovascular diseases.
  • It has the potential to prevent the risks of diabetes.
  • Anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Reduce the level of Plasma Creatinine and Urea concentration.
  • Ascorbic Acid contents of dates plays an important role in liver protection.
  • Dates have natural sugar. During childbirth, the uterus needs enough sugar, which can be supplied by dates. In general, dates make the birthing process easier by regulating labor contractions.
  • All part of the date plant including seed, skin, leaves and fruit have anti-bacterial activity.
  • Due to the abundance of antioxidants in dates, it can have an effect on the activity of the brain and nerves and significantly reduce brain damage.
  • And …
How to store Mazafati dates?

Mazafati date storage model

Due to its relatively high moisture content, Mazafati date should be stored in the warehouse under appropriate conditions and updated standards;
if the temperature is not suitable and standard, the date will be spoiled.

If dates are kept in their special conditions, they retain their benefits and nutritional value and won’t be rotted.

What services do we offer to our customers?

Doenix dates

High quality at the best price ...

At Doenix, we are dates producer and commercially first handed, therefore we can control the price and quality, makes us able to supply dates with the best price and quality to our customers.

We are trying to supply, sort and pack date based on the customer’s needs (OEM services) and create a good purchase and collaboration experience for the customer.


Quality control tests ...

One of the most important points in providing product for us is quality control.

Thus, the quality control unit evaluates the products carefully before, during and after production.


To know the price and terms of buying and sending dates, contact the sales experts.

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