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About Sayer Dates

Sayer Dates, a semi-dry dates

The Sayer date, which is also known as the estamaran date, is one of the best-selling types of dates in Iran, and it is mainly grown in the province of Khuzestan and the southern cities of Iran.


Sayer date are classified as semi-dry dates with low moisture content (less than 18%). This makes the storage conditions for these dates easy, allowing them to be stored for a longer period. These dates can be stored in covered warehouses at room temperature for about 15 months without any particular problems. This aspect has made it easier to export. Sayer date outside of Iran, with approximately 45% of Iran’s exported dates consisting of Sayer date



Sayer Dates, a semi-dry dates

The Sayer date is oval in shape and has a dark brown color, sometimes tending towards black and red. These dates come in three sizes: large, medium, and small. Depending on weather conditions, they may have different flavors, and the amount of juice in Sayer date is lower compared to other varieties.

Sayer dates are known for their high nutritional value and are recommended as one of the best date varieties, especially for children, as a healthy snack. The magnesium in this date is very effective as a food-digesting agent for people with digestive problems, and the iron in Sayer date is also very useful for individuals with anemia.

The quality of Sayer date is divided into the following categories:

Super select          Select          B Grade          GAQ          FAQ

Pitted or unpitted, all the above items can be provided.

Sayer date are packed in 10-kg cartons according to the customer’s order.

These dates are easy to transport, Even in simple containers without refrigeration. They can be transported over long distances or stored easily. Due to their popularity in the international market, Sayer date account for approximately 40% of Iranian date exports.

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