Raw Pistachio .Vs Roasted Pistachio

Early picked Pistachio drupe which has been harvested and during the Pistachio process they have become fully dried; so they are ready to eat now. Some people like Pistachio in this step; but for many people it is not enough. They prefer it more crispy and maybe salty or with other flavors. At this moment there is one way to add a miracle taste to Pistachio; and make it one of the most delicious snacks in the food world, we call it roasting Pistachio.

How to roast the Pistachio:

Depending on the Pistachio volume the solutions are different; if we want to roast one or two kilograms of Pistachios it can be done with a simple oven check over recipe here. But for industrial scales, we need an industrial roasting machine. The mechanism is simple, first the Pistachio nuts must become warm enough that we can name the Pistachio roasted. Also according to the flavor type, flavoring can be done during, after or even before roasting.

Types of roasting for Pistachio

Depending on the order, roasting can be deep or light it means when the customer needs the Pistachio to be crispy; roasting must be deep and the humidity of Pistachio will become at the lowest possible point but when some customers need the Pistachio to have higher humidity, roasting can be light.

Pistachio flavors

Depending on the order the Pistachio’s flavor can be varied. It can salted, salted with Lemon juice, sweet, salt and pepper or chili and even roasted with honey, it all depends on the customer’s order. 

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