Pistachio Packing in Iran

Like many other kinds of foods, Pistachio as a FMCG product need to get packed in different ways. At first for moving from a country to another one, it must have an export worthy packing which keeps Pistachio safe from physical damages, food safety problems and humidity.

After arriving to the final destination, Pistachio must loaded properly and become ready to release in the market shelves and for sure it is very important for final consumers to purchase a product which not only looks good but also meets hygienic standards use.

Different Types of Pistachio Packing:

According to the marketplace type and products volume, the packing can be different from 50 kg to 1000 Kg. According to our machines capacities we are able to do two different sizes of packing: Retail and Bulk packing. For retail packing it can be from 50 kg to 1 Kg and for bulk one can be 10 Kg cartons, 25 Kg, 50 Kg and 1000 Kg bulk jumbo bags. We also accept OEM packing.

Best Packing Type for Pistachio?

Best packing type for Pistachio can be different according to our market target; so before choosing our best packing solution and type, it is better to know our market segment and then decide.

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