Different Kinds of Pistachio Kernel Products

The Pistachio tree is originated to Asia and Asia Minor. It grows in hot and dry weather in areas such as Asia, Europe, Africa and American west. It has great diversity of products with different applications. They are wonderful addition to culinary creations. It is noteworthy, there are a lot of tasty and edible recipes that tasted by great chefs.

Pistachio kernel products have great varieties; some popular kinds include: Slivered Pistachio, Diced Pistachios and Pistachio Powder.

Pistachio Powder

Pistachio green powder is one of the best-selling kernel products among nuts. It has prepared from all type of kernels. The quality of the powder directly relates to the primary kernel. In other words, if the Pistachio kernel is yellow or old, then the quality of the kernel decreases.

Pistachio powder has various utilization. Its most common usage is in the field of sweets and ice cream. The powder and Pistachio slices are two main products. They apply in design or as a raw material for sweets.

Characteristics and Specifications

Color: Varied, based on the type and grade of pistachio, greenish to yellowish

Smell: Natural pistachio kernel›s aroma without foreign odor

Type: Powdered, obtained from normal pistachio kernel

Flavor: Original taste

Humidity: %6-% 5

Shelf life: 24 months, Keep in cool and dry place, away from direct sunlight

Harvesting Time: September & October

Bulk Packing: 10Kg Vacuum in Carton

OEM: Possible

Slivered Pistachio

Slivered Pistachio is sweet and delicious and These Pistachios have been split and sliced into tiny slivers. So they are great choice for garnish; therefore countless number of dishes, savory and sweet can be designed by that.

Diced Pistachios

Diced kernels, like normal ones, are trading domestically; and of course exporting to foreign countries. It’s clear consumption of diced Pistachio is more common than standard one. Diced pistachio kernels are obtained from green peeled kernels and regular kernels.

Characteristics and Specifications

Kernel color: Purple and Brown skin, green inside.

Smell: Natural pistachio’s aroma without foreign odor

Type: Whole kernel, Obtained from Pistachio In-Shell

Flavor: Original taste

Humidity: less than %5

Shelf life: 24 Months, Keep in cool and dry place, away from direct sunlight

Harvesting Time: mid-September

Bulk Packing: 10Kg Vacuum in Carton

OEM: Possible

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