Kale Ghuchi Pistachio (Jumbo Pistachio)

Kale Ghuchi Pistachio is a round shape and large size which tastes very good like a real deep taste of pistachio. Jumbo Pistachio shell is usually creamy, Have a heavy large kernel is the reason of it’s popularity.

Jumbo rate in this type of pistachio is at the highest possible level; it looks like a smiling face with a beautiful and colorful kernel.

Pistachio trees have poor performance in conditions of high humidity and the same is true if they receive a lot of water. The soil also does not have enough water absorption capacity. Long, hot summers are needed for the fruit to ripen properly.

Raw Pistachios contain 4% water, 45% fat and 28% carbohydrates and 20% protein. 100 grams of Pistachios have 562 calories and are a rich source of protein, dietary fiber, several minerals and B vitamins such as thiamine and vitamin B6.

Products Specification

Color: The natural color of Kale Ghuchi Pistachio is light yellowish or white according to the cultivation point

Available Sizes (Pistachios per 1 Oz): 18/20, 20/22, 22/24, 24/26

Common market size: 22/24

Humidity: less than 5%

Shelf life: 24month in Cold and dry places

Harvesting Time: In mid-October

Bulk Packing: 10Kg Cartons, 25Kg/50Kg Jumbo Bags

Retail Packing: 100g to 2 Kg

OEM Packing: Possible

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