Fandoghi pistachio is one of the most famous types of Iranian pistachios grown and cultivated in the south of Iran specifically in Kerman and Rafsanjan. This kind of pistachio is known as a round pistachio due to its small size and hazelnut-like appearance. It is also the most affordable compared to other pistachio varieties.

Fandoghi pistachios have the highest yield and are available in sizes ranging from 26–28, 28–30, 30-32, to 32–34 in both domestic and export markets.

The color of the shell and kernels of this naturally opened pistachio is creamy bone and purple lipstick, respectively.

The unique and delightful flavor of Fandoghi pistachio has made them a popular and enjoyable snack. They are rich in nutrition and find various uses in the food and confectionery industries.

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