Ahmad Aghai Pistachio:

Long Pistachio is in the Almond shape category of Pistachio which looks beautiful and tastes great!
In the international stores it called as Long Pistachio as well. The shell of Ahmad Aghai (Ahmad Aghaei) is usually whiter than other types of Pistachio and its green peeled kernel is greener than others while the skin of its kernel is more Red. In a word we can say this type is a height contrast Pistachio.

The only different between 3 grade of Ahmad Aghai Pistachio is the size!
Largest one is A-Class which is the most expensive one.
Even if the sizes are not the same but there are no differences in the taste, it always tastes wonderful.

Products Specification

Color: The natural color of Ahmad Aghai Pistachio is different according to cultivation point it can be light yellowish or white

Available Sizes (Pistachios per 1 Oz): 24/26, 26/28, 28/30, 30/32

Common market size: 26/28

Humidity: less than 5%

Shelf life: 24month in Cold and dry places

Harvesting Time: At the end of September

Bulk Packing: 10Kg Cartons, 25Kg/50Kg Jumbo Bags

Retail Packing: 100g to 2 Kg

OEM Packing: Possible

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