Dates Food Industry

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Dates Paste.

Date paste (also known as date honey) is a natural fruit sweetener that you can use in place of honey or maple syrup in can be used for baking cakes or making bread, cookie and chocolate.

Dates Vinegar.

Vinegar is one of the most versatile items that any household must have. You can use it in your food, use it as a medicine, as a preserving agent, and as a cleaning agent. Despite its many uses, using it in food is the most common.Despite being the oldest recorded vinegar, not many people have heard of date vinegar or its health benefits.Dates vinegar is not new and has been in use since Babylonia (5,000 years ago) as food and medicine.If date vinegar can ease labor pain, help people with menstrual problems, and increase cardiac health, surely it must be something to shout about. .

Canned Dates.

as an energetic food dates can be helpful in many situation and not only being part of daily diets but also being life saver.dates gets amazing Calories to Weight ratio and can be used in difficult an specific situations like Army operations (Providing food for soldiers) or supplying travelers or mountain climbers a matter of fact canned dates can be easily portable and the expiration date is extended enough for above purposes .