Dates in Confectionery

Eat Healthiest Sweet .
Dates sweets.

Dates aren’t just for making raw crusts however. That’s not even the beginning! Since they have a lot of sugar, you can blend them up and make a caramel for tarts, candy bars, or the center to brownies or chocolate cups. You could also create a delicious fudge-like dessert using nuts, dates, and other wholesome ingredients! With dates, the combination of ingredients that you can mix in your date desserts is what makes them even more versatile. There are so many things that can be created with dates.

Better than Suger.

In a bid to eat to lead a more healthy lifestyle, many people choose to cut out sugar from their diet. date syrup contains around 33 per cent less sugar than table a part of confectionery industry Refined sugar takes the most impotent part in gradients.and according to WHO 1.6 Million people dies in World because of diabetes and sweet (Refined Sugar) is the main reason and cause of diabetes.Using dates syrup as a substitution for refined sugar can help people to have more natural and healthy diet.


Caramel is a medium to dark-orange confectionery product made by heating a variety of sugars. It can be used as a flavoring in puddings and desserts, as a filling in bonbons, or as a topping for ice cream and custard.caramel can be produced using dates, dates caramels not only are delicious but also healthy and Natural and can be used vastly in food and confectionery industries .


Chocolate is a typically sweet, usually brown, food preparation of roasted and ground cacao seeds. It is made in the form of a liquid, paste, or in a block, or used as a flavoring ingredient in other foods.chocolates are so nutritious and when they become mixed by dates you can get a very energetic snack.