Pistachio Green Kernel:

Every year, a large part of the pistachio crop is harvested unripe. These pistachios are used to produce a very tasty and popular product called pistachio green kernel. Pistachio kernel is the result of three stages of pistachio peeling, in the first stage the soft skin of the pistachio with which the pistachio has been harvested will be peeled, in the second stage the hard and bony skin and in the next stage the skin of the pistachio kernel is peeled off and the result is a product with magical taste. Pistachio green kernels are categorized based on their color contrast, the most colorful kernels which color is dark green are assumed as grade S this classification will continue to yellow pistachios known as grade D. The main application of this product is in the confectionery and ice cream industry

Products Specification

Pistachio Green Kernel