Pistachio is a nut that belongs to the cashew family. It is a small tree that originated in Central Asia as well as the Middle East.

Pistachio is one of the important component of salty and sweet nuts, that are produced in two types, raw and roasted. It is one of most important nuts in Iran and the world. In addition it contains high nutritional values.

Different Types of Pistachios in Iran

There are different types of pistachios in Iran and the world with different packages and sizes. The common pistachio types are:

Types of Pistachios

Round Pistachio or Fandoghi

The shape of the Round Pistachio is spherical (hazelnut), the percentage of laughter is very high, the surface color is purple and the skin color is creamy.

Kale Ghoochi or Jumbo Pistachio

The shape of the Kalr Ghoochi Pistachio is medium laughing percentage. The red color of the red marrow is gray and the skin color is white with moderate opacity.

Long Pistachio

This type of Pistachio has three different types: Badami, Ahmad Aghaie and Akbari.

Badami Pistachio

The Badami Pistachios are shorter in size compared to the Ahmad Aghaie Pistachios but their shape is very similar to the almonds. The Badami Pistachio is 22 to 24 pcs up to 30 to 32 pc.

Ahmad Aghaie Pistachio

This type of Pistachio is large, and has an almond shape. Ahmad Aghaie Pistachios harvested in September. This type of Pistachio is very popular for farmers because of the high efficiency and the short time to resulting.

Akbari Pistachio

Akbari Pistachio shape is almond and high percentage of laughter and the surface color of the kernel is purple-brown and the bone skin color is dark cream.